“Our mission is to produce fundamentally sound basketball players who work hard, understand the game and are capable of competing at a national level.”

img_3231-001-1_375pxSFWWe work with all age groups, boys and girls, with a variety of skill levels ranging from beginner to advanced. We teach the same shot mechanics, ball handling, offensive moves and positioning, and defensive fundamentals and footwork that are taught to today’s collegiate and professional athletes.

We strive to assist every athlete that participates in our program to reach their full potential as a basketball player. We aim to inspire and motivate our athletes to set lofty goals and then work hard to achieve them. Our approach to this process includes intense, innovative skill training of the body and mind, becoming a student of the game and understanding that the best way to reach your final destination is through persistence, discipline and commitment to the process.

Players must understand that they can’t just play games to become a player; they must work on their game to become a player. Many athletes today measure work habits by how many games they have played in the off-season or how many hours they spent playing pick-up games at their local gym. They put no time into developing their fundamental skill set. As hard as one works in a packed gym in January, one must work twice as hard in an empty gym in June. An interesting fact: the average player takes 12 shots in 60 minutes of gym time. During an Elite Basketball Training session, a player’s shooting routine averages up to 300 shooting attempts.

Athletes who commit to the process and give maximum effort at every training session will improve at a tremendous rate. Their fundamental skills improve, their confidence grows and they become more efficient and focused – taking their game to the next level.

Next season starts now!