“I coach an AAU team of 7th graders and use Coach Dourdas to train my players including my son during the off season. He is an expert in all phases of the game…commands respect and demands performance with outstanding results. I highly recommend him to everyone involved in youth basketball.”
– Kevin Hulslander

“My son is a senior this year and absolutely loves the game of basketball. His skills have far surpassed my ability to teach him and he is hoping to play in college this fall. I had previously enrolled him in a strength and conditioning program which got him in great shape but didn’t do much for his basketball skill set. In my conversation with Peter Dourdas I learned that he was conducting in depth training sessions and he invited me to bring my son to participate. Within a few minutes of observing the session I knew this training was at a level that I couldn’t possibly get anywhere else. The training drills are far and above anything that my son has ever been involved in and within a few sessions I saw his confidence and skill level dramatically increase. Pete makes the kids shoot game speed shooting drills at the end of each session when they are extremely fatigued which is just the way it would occur in game situations. I can’t say enough about the training my son has received and the fact that Pete played professionally and is willing to share his knowledge with kids is something that would be hard if not impossible to find anywhere else.”
– Bill Mulroy

“Footwork. Shooting form. Handle. Vision. Effort. The best basketball players are built from a solid foundation. That’s what Coach Dourdas teaches. Don’t fall for the gimmicks or big promises. Don’t think you’ll pick it up during the school season. This kind of skills training is often not available in the school setting. If you want your kid to be his or her best, you have to start at the foundation, with fundamentals. Footwork. Shooting form. Handle. Vision. Effort. Coach Dourdas understands that. He drills that. No shortcuts. Get your head right. I trust Coach Dourdas completely with one of the most important things in my life: my daughter. I enthusiastically endorse him for parents serious about giving their children the skills to play the game of basketball the way it ought to be played.”
– John Lammers

“Our daughter Amelia is ten years old and is in the 4th grade. Amelia is finishing her first season playing basketball on her school team in Fayetteville NY. Early in the winter when I polled some very good friends of mine as to where I could find fundamental basketball instruction for Amelia each person directed me towards Peter Dourdas and his CNYELITE program. After contacting Peter directly he spent 30 minutes with me passionately discussing his program and his goals, vision, and background. We enrolled Amelia into one of the CNY ELITE winter sessions at the JCC in Dewitt. The program is exactly what we were envisioning for Amelia and more. Amelia loves the sessions and has quickly learned and continues to practice and develop the fundamentals of basketball including passing, dribbling, shooting, posture, conditioning, intensity, listening, and work ethic. Amelia demands not to miss her practices even if she is sick. Peter somehow is able to balance being kind, nurturing, challenging, motivating, instructional, and fun all at the same time over a 90 minute practice with both boys and girls. It is kind of amazing to watch. My wife Beth and I recommend CNYELITE to any family, boy or girl who loves basketball and who wants to learn, improve, or continue to develop skills.”
– Joe & Beth Bonacci (& Amelia)

“Three years ago we were looking for basketball instruction for our son. A friend recommended Peter’s clinic to us. Our son had not been exposed to much instruction outside of what his father might provide in the driveway, but he was in need of sharpening the fundamentals of his game. After observing the first week’s clinic, I knew Peter would provide not only great instruction on the fundamentals of basketball, but he could be a bridge for my son… a bridge between growth as a player and as a young man. Peter has an old school/new school blend of coaching that works especially well with his students/players. He will push them to work their hardest, and show them honest approval when they do so. Our son has grown in many ways as a result of working with Peter. I quickly sought out Peter for individual instruction as I was impressed with the connection he made with my son. Peter has provided him lessons that will extend beyond growth in basketball skills. He has taught him the art of hard work, the mental toughness it takes to work through challenges, and the confidence you build by putting these things together. Along the way, Peter has continued to impress with his genuine concern for not only my son, but for other students he trains as well. The relationship Peter has developed with my son and our family is special to us. We feel lucky that we received the initial recommendation to attend his Fall Clinic, and feel blessed and grateful for the time he has spent working with him. I have honestly seen improvement in my son’s skills as a player, improvement in his dedication to the game, and with his confidence both inside and outside the game. I know our son will benefit from his time working with Peter long after his days of playing basketball are done. Working with Peter has been a wonderful experience, and we are excited as we look forward to our future work with him.”
– Bill Baker

“When our son and daughter first joined the Syracuse Nets organization, my wife and I had inquired as to where they could get some individual instruction. We were immediately given Peter’s name. I distinctly remember my first phone call to him inquiring if he had any openings to train our kids. What I thought might be a quick 5 minute phone call turned into a half an hour in depth conversation about kids, life and basketball. I was blown away by not only his obvious passion for basketball, but his greater passion for wanting to see the kids succeed in life as well as in basketball. Fast forward four years later and my son and daughter still regularly attend his small group sessions, Elite camps and occasional one on one training. Their growth as basketball players has been truly elevated thanks to all of Peter’s instruction. The kids absolutely love working hard for him and give 110% at every session. Peter trained my youngest daughter who is in 4th grade for the first time last night and as expected, was great with her as well. He has taught my kids what it means to be truly dedicated to the game; and to be the best players, students and human beings that they can possibly be. Peter is the ultimate ambassador to the game of basketball.”
– Jason & Michelle Schneider

“There is little more I can say about Peter Dourdas beyond what has already been said by others. Simply put – Peter is an extraordinary individual totally devoted to helping each of his students develop their basketball skills to the fullest extent possible, while also learning to respect and love the game almost as much as he does. My twin sons, who are now entering their sophomore year in high school, started with Peter in the 8th grade. Over this period, they have attended all of Peter’s progression clinics, and most of his weekend (and now mid-week) extra classes, where they were taught and continue to practice the fundamental but critical aspects of the game they would never learn elsewhere. Peter has the unique ability to teach a class at large and still praise each individual student’s strengths and address areas that need improvement. Thanks to Peter, my sons’ footwork, ball handling and shooting skills have improved beyond measure, as has their understanding of the subtleties of game itself. Equally important, my sons took to heart Peter’s advice given at the end of each class concerning the need to practice what they were taught, which resulted in a level of self-imposed discipline my sons had never previously displayed that has also carried over to their approach to school work. This latter benefit will serve them well for the reminder of their lives. My sons now see Peter as a member of the family, I count him as a friend, and we will continue to participate in his exceptional program throughout the remainder of their high school years, if not beyond.”
– Ward O’Hara